Martial arts is widely known for being a complete fitness package. It doesn’t only help you build stamina and gain strength, but it also increases the flexibility in your body. You can effectively work on the better functioning of your coordination and control through efficient martial arts training. The best part about taking such training is that it will keep your mind content and help your body stay active. It also helps in the better functioning of your vital organs and makes you physically active. It makes you stronger mentally and physically, both.

Peak Fitness is a one-stop shop for families and parents who want their kids to learn martial arts, self-defense classes, traditional, No-Gi classes, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Classes.

Peak Fitness provides you with the opportunity to practice and learn martial arts in a completely healthy and family-friendly environment. Our services are not restricted to the young, but we extend our services. Peak Fitness provides fitness programs for kids, young adults, and couples in a completely healthy and family-friendly environment. We are the only BJJ school in the Star Valley area, where we aim to provide high-quality fitness services and training sessions to kids and families.


Traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class

Traditional Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, also known as BJJ, is one of the most popular martial arts that depend on wrestling. It’s mainly based on applying strategy to deceive your resisting opponent into submission. It’s comparatively easier to take control of your opponent on the ground rather than when he’s standing. Most of the tricks and skills used in this art are based on taking the opponent on the ground and fighting for dominance and control without harming your opponent.

Peak Fitness provides you with the opportunity to truly enjoy the training and develop your skills through training with our expert professionals. We have a variety of trainers for every sort of learner, ranging from expert professional fighters to regular enthusiasts.

We provide various classes for your training. These include kids classes, adult classes, open mat, kickboxing, and private lessons with Professor Eric. Our classes start with warm-ups that help build the strength and endurance of the students. Followed by a detailed demonstration of every technique by the instructor, and at the end of each class, students get to grapple with other students on the same level.


No-Gi Classes

In our No-Gi classes, our students will not only learn the famous and modern Jiu-jitsu that’s being taught in our special Gi classes, but they will also learn how to utilize the same strategy in No-Gi wrestling. Practicing No-Gi is important because it helps one learn the different grips and strategies when one is not wearing a Gi. This is important to help you learn to adapt to any combat situation. In No-Gi, students wear shorts or splats, a rash guard or t-shirt.
Peak Fitness BJJ helps you understand the basics of No-Gi Jiu-jitsu and master the art of using the same techniques in Gi and No-Gi situations.


Self-defense classes

To be safe anywhere and anytime, we must have all the basics of self-defense. These classes are crucial for women and people who travel, kids, teenagers, people who want to feel more self-confident, or any other person who feels threatened or going through any assault. Peak Fitness BJJ provides effective, 1–8-hour training to train you for yourself. Our premium programs are great for beginners as well as regular enthusiasts. We effectively help prepare women, corporate groups, teenagers, and even senior citizens to be less fearful, situationally aware, and more confident.

Private Lessons

We welcome every person who wants to be physically better. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a seasoned athlete, or someone who doesn’t know anything about martial arts; we are here for each one of you. Peak Fitness BJJ provides you with personal training sessions to help you learn effectively. We also provide a full-service gym. That’s what makes us a true fitness camp in the area. We also offer fitness products, including apparel and equipment that help you engage in healthy activities and exercises. We offer personal fitness programs to help teenagers and adults be strong. So, get ready to work hard and love the whole process